why i created years

Simply put, nothing in the market satisfied my desire for custom modern outerwear. I needed a change. Something that would take me out of my comfort zone and bring an innovative new take to luxury sportswear. Everything I saw in mens outerwear was either too formal or overly sporty. I wanted to create a line that would both be representative of my aesthetic and also give people the ability to make it their own. I believe image isn’t only dictated through fashion houses and trends — individuals' own taste should play an equally important role.

Years' Aesthetic 

Above all else, my collections are highly functional and comfortable. I use durable, heavy fabrics that are rich in color. Each piece is custom tailored to your specifications using painstakingly detailed production with premium fabrics and hardware. The silhouettes are rooted in classics, but draw influence from my background in decades of costume design for film and television.

This is elevated sportswear: constructed to be the modern man's armor. Wear Years every day — from casual settings, to the office, to evenings out. In my collection you'll see the architecture of vintage art deco buildings, cobblestone streets, gloomy forest paths, and midnight waterfalls. My inspiration is everywhere.